Mind and Matter (MM Theory)

Mind is generated by brain and is abstract? Thoughts are generated in brain and they constitute our mind? Thoughts are abstract too. Our bodies are matter and it generates virtual and abstract entity mind? Or it is the other way round, that our mind generates this all matter. Who knows?

But let us assume for now that mind is created. It is then amazing for mind as it is so powerful that it effects and controls its own creator. Research shows that that before we actually do a thing, first the thought of it arises but some believe that it is either internal or external stimulus that creates the response by thought which act as stimulus and then action by the body is performed. But now, what I am thinking is that what might be these stimuli; external factors are visible or observable, but what are these internal factors? Why would I like to tap my finger against the table while reading (am I aware of it? Only just now when I thought of it; else I was doing it unconsciously), why would I like to write this article? Answer is clear because I thought of it. Do I ever do a thing without a purpose? Either I do a thing that is necessary to be done because I am conditioned by my atmosphere and learning, that such and such thing is important or I do it because I like to do it. In both cases I have my mind moving ahead to my actions.

But wait let me look on the other side, I am only not aware of some involuntary actions that take place inside me as I am not conscious to them or they lie in hidden layers of unconscious and subconscious states. If I have been aware of all my small movements taking place in my gut I would have become so distracted by internal hustle- bustle along with external one. But if one practices a lot one can listen to involuntary movements too. And also meaningless tapping and waving of hands and feet while doing something else. Much of the time we breath and breathe it unconsciously, focusing attention will make us to realize that we are breathing. We don’t have to think that we need to breath, its so natural. Now this is what my body is doing action without any thought and that is supposedly all animals and plants are doing without thinking and then what makes us smarter than them when we ourselves not think what we do? With mind we can also control our involuntary actions that keep our complex machinery or body system functioning properly. So should I conclude that it is matter over mind or I need some more observations on mind over matter? Or it is Consciousness above mind!!! May be there are more subtle thoughts but may be there are so subtle causes that generate these subtle thoughts….it is something open ended I am still thinking…..


All is in the mind!!

“The world is but extension of our own minds”

So much is investigated, researched and written on powers of beautiful mind. Everyday we see quite interesting stuffs coming out of this introspection and extrospection. This mind is the most mysterious one and so difficult to control but if practiced much under our influence. And our minds have the momentum to create anything. Create what we can feel, may be real or unreal. From the day we are born and as we grow, we learn and keep on learning this art of creating. We may be sleeping, talking, walking etc., we never give up this creation.  When medical student take up medical course and they learn about different diseases and symptoms. And they are so engrossed in them that they actually start connecting them with there own bodies and thus many of them live in fear of being contracted by the same disease for quite some time. This condition of mind is therefore known as medical student’s disease or hypochondriasis of medical students. But its not only that medical students experience it. Today when information is all free and all available, persons who get to know a little more are too contracted by this short term state of mind and or but sometimes over thinking can actually make you feel ill.

So knowing this as power of mind which does not differentiate between real and unreal. It can make real unreal and unreal real, if you concentrate just enough. Its only this mind which is the thought in brain and thought thus implanted can work as a seed. As you think you become. So watch your mind, guide your mind, nourish your mind with good healthy thoughts!!!

P.S.  But who watches mind? Checks mind? Controls mind? What is consciousness and super consciousness?  These are another issues to be pondered… 🙂

Perfect Science

Science is based on facts but are all facts true. Truth that we can see, we can hear, that we can experiment and replicate in labs. And facts are believed either by their repeated occurring or with the help of some logic. But sometimes logic fails some true facts.

Today I was at my uncle’s place and we were just discussing the role of religion and science, and how are both related and effect each other and in some way compliment each other. Then when we came to the concept of logic,  my uncle told me a story about the great Indian scientist Aryabhatta and disregard of his heliocentric theory by another scientist Varahamihira. The story goes thus, that when Aryabhatta came up with notion of sun at the center and earth revolving around the sun along with other planets. Varahamihira argued that if earth is rotating then consider that there is a tree and bird is flying then tree should move with the earth and thus have to travel more distance to reach that tree. At that time Aryabhatta could not beat his logic and thus the truth was discarded. So my uncle told that same is in religion that people may use many a logic to prove truth wrong or prove false right but its not the trick or logic that you should pay attention but the analysis of logic used.

Listening to this story, I remembered Feynman’s lectures on physics in which he states that how a scientist arrives at some solution. He has to solve a thing in hundred or more ways to give a simple relation that represents the truth. One should pay attention on the relation and the proof can be invented, the trick is  there but not as important as the mathematical ideas that gives the relation. But in this case where is the logic, it is in the relation that quantities hold with each other or the mathematics involved in the calculation of the relation? It’s in both. So every idea, every concept, is put into test by different ways. And that is the reason science is never said to be perfect but  is always heading towards perfection.

People of Science know this and a true scientist only discovers that what is truth always truth and when frame of reference changes another truth merges and so on and on.That is why Science grows but many religions of world stay where they are. But one thing I found very much interesting that in India religion grows and it has grown from Vedas to Upanishads but somewhere people got struck in between….

Time as I perceived it!

Long back I was introduced to the mystery of time by the book “Brief History of Time” written by Stephen Hawking. I was amazed while reading through the pages. Though I read the book long back and its content are just a fading memory I still explore time ..

Everyone of us talk about time. What is the time? Come at this time. These times are not good. Time changes! Time never stops. You should go with the time or you will be left behind. You are such a lazy wasting time fooling around… Hmmm I can’t even remember how many times time is mentioned in our everyday talks…. it is so much  a part of our every activity and it is much believed notion that we travel in time… the time that can never return… and time that is so precious…………………

But stop…. do you think we all understand time? … The most important thing in our lives… the basis of our birth, our birthdays.. till we die… each event in life depends upon this time. But is time that what we think of it? Do time passes away. …it slips away and we cry that its gone…

According to one definition: Time is a motion; to understand time we should understand motion first.

But again how can time be a motion, time is not a vector quantity it is a scalar quantity as it is not changed by coordinates. So time cannot be motion and also time cannot move…. Wow!!

Then what is time again…………….?

Its not a motion but it records motion…. time is used to measure interval between any two events… even clock measures  interval between two events.. the event one when it strikes at one point and then event two when it strikes at the other point. This ticking of clock is used as standard to measure events and that is how we get time same everywhere.  So now time is not a motion but it measures the motion.

So while getting into the second definition what we may call  time travel then ……………… hmm.. … Time does not travel but do we travel in time..? NO.. how can we travel in time since time is not a road…. 😉

Time has no direction it is only a measurable quantity so saying things like time travel are impossible. What we call progression of time is actually motion, the event after a event…….. the sequence… so if we say moving back in time, it means. …going back to the event that came before this event. Motion is a change and time measures this change. So going back in time of your childhood is like de-growing your body.. I am amazed if it is possible………. !!

Hmm I got astray from the topic. Time travel is something else, though related but I haven’t given a thought to it yet. So lets come back to the definition of the time.

Simple and most accurate definition of time is…. “What clocks read”… LOL and this is universally true, exact and unbeatable ;P. But this definition shows a great deal that time is a relative term. Here clock is the standard. Before clock it was rotation of earth, rising and setting of sun, hour glass all these were devices to record time ..hmm correct me .. record events…

Still time amazes me, as I discover more of it I will understand more of it and wanna know more of it… keep observing… motion …keep observing time… 🙂

Science don’t believe in mysteries……………

Its that nature has some auspicious power and only few are bestowed to understand it. Only few are destined to discover the secrets of mysteries, only few hence rule the world. Right from the times when human beings began to  understand the phenomenal world and seekers got what they pursued, a sense of superiority took them and flipped their ego high.

While at first they humbly searched for the power and then when power revealed; it corrupts and so its done. The whole socio-economic structure of the political world is based on this ego, this corruption by the power. A man aspires to know, and when its known he is overtook by the false pride; the pride of knowing the unknown. In previous times such accomplished people were treated as epitome of godliness. And this was the beginning of the division between man and man.

But nature has its own ways, it reveals only to the humblest and progress can be made only by whom who remains so. A true seeker of mystery of nature knows that there is no mystery at all. And the only goal of science is to crack the mystery to simple causes; as rightly said by one contemporary author Paulo Cohelo (the Alchemist) that life is so simple and easy that whole of it can be written on surface of emerald.

Science is simple for those who understand its principles from the core and science is for good when it is left for simple things. The complexity we see around us are not as much work of the mysterious forces of nature but the way we have so far utilized how much we got to understand. I am not afraid to make this statement because with advancement in science ,  science should  progress in understanding more  rather than busy in creating man made phenomenons, what we call today technology. Here again I don’t mean that technology is bad, but how much of it and why? These should be the clear;y answered in mind of the creator. It should not be like this that we are lost only, in first creating the problem and then wasting our whole lives in cleaning that mess. The best example is the degradation of the resources, the overuse of the limited material and then as we feed it into technology the toxic products and bi-products to keep us busy. This way we are moving in circles, thinking that we are advancing but in reality only whirling around the same point, only difference lies some have bigger radii than others.

But at the same time, even moving in circles teaches you, because cleaning up can teach you many ways……… Of cleaning better!!! 🙂

Day and Night Science

Just now, I finished the book “Of flies, mice and men” written by Francois Jacob, the Nobel Laureate in Medicine. Geneticist by profession but after reading the book he appears to be more of artist and a philosopher. When I say philosopher you may agree with me as science in itself is philosophy but when I call him as an artist then you should read the book to understand my conviction to refer him like this. The science develops with some questions and the questions it chooses to answers are those whose possibility in being solved in future is high. For as stated by him the questions of our world as it is, our life’s purpose, are beyond the scope of science and that is where religion and metaphysics comes into play. But at the same time he says that science is unpredictable; its results can’t be prejudiced.

At first he clearly demonstrates difference between Science and art; for he think that art is more of creation of human mind, but as he progresses on the inquiry he is bound to conclude that we live in the world created by our mind or as perceived by our mind. As the artist projects the image of creation on canvas, in poems, in music, similarly scientist of everyday science creates manuscripts of his data, his interpretation but the night science the core of every scientific inquiry looms in darkness as it cannot be brought to light, it is shrouded by limitations of understanding, limitations of our senses and even the instruments we design to widen the scope of our perception. And thus very humbly he stated that as we progress more towards the knowledge, more the limitations and the ignorance confronts us. The science where it stands tall today with all its technological advancements is good and bad at the same time. For a scientist works on his passions and technology and its application make it evil many a times. Although, the step by step evolution in science has given a great leap to the knowledge and awarded the day scientist. The night scientist in every day scientist knows the limitations, and that is what they are most afraid of – The ignorance.

The Apparent World!

This is in continuation to my earlier post “Dance of Life”. In that post I tried to understand the concept given to me by a structural scientist, who remarked that everything every molecule is dancing. But as I read more I get more things and then when I link there are new avenues in which my mind can contemplate.

According to Einstein all motion is relative. We all, all the molecules, atoms and everything are moving in relation to something. And if it is so, then we are stationary also in comparison to something. So there is no absolute motion or absolute rest. Earth is stationary in relation to us but in relation to another planets, it is in motion. The whole world is the perception. Even time is very much an abstract quantity. Everybody perceives the time in their mind. For example, if we say ten people to do some task after 10 min, everybody will act according to their 10 minutes, and it will vary for each one. This depends upon the state of mind of the person. If person is thinking something and is concentrated in his work, time will pass and that person will never know how the time is slipping off. And if a person is sitting idle then for him two minutes will be like hours, if a person is waiting then 1 minute is like lifetime. This can show the importance of the watch in our modern lives, where people are actually moving on the needles of the clocks…oops! now clocks are digital and more precise. So we are kind of trying to standardizing everything in relation to clocks.

So our world or the way we interpret our world is apparent and not real. There is so much probability and we can’t come out of it. We observe and mankind has been observing this  from the day it started the inquiry and found that everyday new theory can be propounded, new law can be stated and each law is true in its time, until next one appears which is also true. In science what is required is humility, because science is based on facts and facts that hold true today may hold false tomorrow. It is like moving from one step to the another, from truth of today to truth of present and towards the truth of tomorrow. Science will keep on progressing as long as their is human curiosity and one cannot unravel the nature and so nature is always mysterious no matter how much we try to control it, the ultimate crown is on her head only.